Artumi Systems' Testimonials

Note on the testiminials below, September 2016:

We've kept many of these testimonials even though they some are very old, as a surprising number of them are still clients. Second from the bottom is a quote from Simon Parry, who is now the CIO of the TUC, who still uses us. Paul Hunter of Gemini Biomedical is now of Forensic Testing limited, and we built a database for them that went live in 2015. We still provide Greentop's emails. QR8 became Lampson design, and we work with Jerry Lampson most months. We are in contact with Online4Baby every day, so despite being old, they are still a good indicator of who we work for, and what they think of us.

  1. Thanks for all the excellent work you've done on developing the new ULF database. You've done a fantastic job in delivering a high quality database that is a massive improvement on the previous version. We have had a lot of positive feedback from users which is a very good sign.

    Best wishes,
    Ian Borkett
    unionlearn Service Manager

    15th August 2016

  2. The CMS is awesome by the way. Richard I think you are a genius.

    Hannah Martin, Hannah Martin Ltd,

    8th November 2011

  3. Richard at Artumi Systems has helped us bring the concept of our lowest unique bid auction site into reality. He brought an awesome web designer on board and between Richard and his designer, they helped us to realise the dream of Richard continues to help us to develop our systems and improve our entire business with his innovative ideas and helpful guidance.

    We can't thank Artumi enough for the time, effort and attention to detail. It's been nothing but a pleasure to work alongside them for past few months and we are looking forward to a very long future working together.

    Chris Foulstone, MD, Bidbudgie

    13th September 2010

  4. Custos Cover Limited Logo

    Finally a programmer with a "can do" attitude that actually can do. No over-promising and underperforming. Richard has been a huge help in the progression of CustosĀ®, without him I doubt the company would have got off the ground.

    Russell Faulkner, MD, Custos Cover Limited

    28th May 2009

  5. Online 4 Baby Limited Logo

    Since working with Artumi our eBay profits have soared, the eBay shop front he worked on with QR8 and the back end systems has meant that not only are we selling more, but we are managing our warehouse and our customers much better than we could in the past.

    Warren Blayds, Financial Director, Online 4 Baby Limited

    3rd March 2009

  6. QR8 Design Limited Logo

    Richard is a rare animal in that he's a first class programmer who really gets the need to proactively focus on the client's business needs - and is working at a very affordable rate, as he has low overheads.

    Believe me, that is a seriously rare combination in this town.

    Jerry Lampson, MD, QR8 Limited

    3rd November 2008

  7. Pressies 4 Princesses Logo

    Artumi Systems are first rate developers and excellent business partners. They provide both development and system administration on the php/linux platform that powers the content side of our online retail business. The work is first rate, charges very reasonable and support very responsive and friendly. I have no hesitation in recommending Artumi Systems.

    Steve Sugden, MD, Pressies 4 Princesses

    28th May 2009

  8. Greentop Circus Logo

    Greentop commissioned Qr8 and Artumi to develop a website that could be managed by our non-technical staff through a content management system. Qr8 did a great job on the look and feel of the site and Artumi's solid programming means that the site runs smoothly. Richard Fletcher is professional, friendly and reliable, he has the technical knowhow to get the job done and he doesn't charge the earth for his services. We have no problem recommending Artumi for web development and programming.

    James Harkness, Event Manager, Greentop Circus

    28th May 2009

  9. Gemini Biomedical Limited logo

    Gemini Biomedical Ltd have been working with Artumi Systems for 3 years on various issues critical to our business, we have been impressed with their knowledge, service, attiude and delivery.

    Paul Hunter, Managing Director, Gemini Biomedical Ltd.

    9th February 2009

  10. Neurocare Logo

    I was introduced to Richard at Artumi through Jerry at QR8. I had loads of ideas about how I wanted the site to look and work. Richard and Jerry took those ideas to new levels, above and beyond my expectations. Artumi have given Neurocare a wonderful website that is easy to navigate and very forward thinking (see our gallery which is unique to us thanks to Richard).We love it and so do the supporters of Neurocare! Thank you Richard.

    Lesley Eland, Fundraising Director, Neurocare

    1st October 2008

  11. Industrial Statistics Logo

    We have worked with Richard Fletcher on a number of occasions since 2002 and have been impressed by four things:

    1. the ease with which he understands our problems and issues,
    2. the positive contribution to the site design and functionality as a result of this understanding,
    3. work delivered on time and
    4. Richard is very easy to work with.

    It goes without saying that the technical quality of the work was always of the highest.

    John Logsdon, Managing Director, Industrial Statistics.

    21st April 2007

  12. Having worked personally with Richard Fletcher I was impressed by his friendly, can-do attitude and would recommend him as a top notch web developer. He consistently produced work which exceeded my expectations and I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.

    Simon Parry, Head of Information & Website Systems, Prospect.

    7th June 2007

  13. We employed Richard Fletcher to develop a user interface for our Arcos reporting toolkit. This involved building a demonstration site, documenting the system and producing a user guide. We were very impressed with Richard's knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for the task. He did a first class job and we have no hesitation in recommending Richard and Artumi as a solution for software development requirements.

    Richard Wakefield, Managing Director, Kusala Web Developments Ltd

    5th December 2006