Artumi Systems areas of expertise

Artumi Systems spends most of it's time building and maintaining systems that it's customers rely upon as a core part of their business. We have maintained customers for over 10 years due to our ability to communicate clearly and work hard for our customers' interests.

Artumi Systems specialises in programming for web sites. If you are a company who will be relying upon a piece of ecommerce software for your income, you will probably want both a company who is good at design and a company who is good at programming. These are very hard to find, as web companies are usually either design led or technically led.

Design led agencies often lack the experience at management level to be able to determine whether or not an ecommerce solution (or any other programming) is secure, works as intended, and is value for money. That is where we step in, since we are technically led we can deal with these issues whilst ensuring that the creative types are busy doing what they are good at.