Web Application backup

Sep 2017. In the last year we've done some interesting work resucing data from Web Applications where the original developer has lost the confidence and trust of the client, and in cases where the Web Application has lost the original developer altogether. Solutions included reverse engineering a web application, and screen scraping another few for archival purposes.

We continue to work closely with Online4Baby, The Royal College of Gynaecologists, Forensic Testing Limited, UnionLearn.

We served 42 clients in the last 12 months. We manage over 20 servers, 5 business critical web applications, other websites, and over 300 email addresses.


Sep 2016. We have recently completed a new back-end database to manage several million pounds of grants administered by the TUC's unionlearn. We replaced an incumbent provider's system which had not performed up to requirements. Training happened in August and we've had a very positive response.

Big Challenge

Sep 2016. We have been involved in setting up this years' Big Challenge website.

Artumi Systems is 10

We celebrated our 10th Birthday in June 2016. We are still regularly working for Online4Baby who were right there are the beginning. Artumi Systems now spends most it's time working for regular customers, on updates, upgrades and ammends to existing working systems.

Sheaf Bank

We have now had an office at Sheaf Bank Business Park in Sheffield, for over a year. We are big fans of the estate, with it's great prices and flexible office spaces.

New Arrival

6th February 2014

Amanda gave birth to a baby boy, Joseph, and both are doing well. Since Mandy is a part of the production team, and I, Richard, now have to spend more of my week looking after our older son, Ben, we are going to be a bit slower to respond to emails and phone calls for the next few weeks.

Particularly during half term.

Gilder Group get a new website

31st Jan 2014

Gilder  2014

Today we put live a new site designed by Lampson design. We used Bootstrap 3.0 in order to get a site that works on mobile as well as tablet and desktop computers equally well. This is called responsive design.

Our main innovation on this site is that we automatically pick a colour for each car based upon an image of the car, and then use that colour in the design. This is called very responsive design!

Forensic Testing Services Limited visit our new office

31st Jan 2014


Our clients from Forensic Testing Services spent time with us today talking about the late stages of their new back end system. We are a few months from going live with a system that will eliminate paper from 90% of each case. It will provide much better information for their customers, allow their geographically diverse workforce to communicate more effectively, and reduce the potential for error.

Since FTS are doing drug testing work and many of the results are used in court cases, not only are we dealing with highly personal data, but court evidence.

Author Heather Hampson visits Artumi

31st Jan 2014 (yes - a busy day!)

Heather Hampson

Our good friend Heather came to help us with some of her excellent writing and web skills today, as she did a couple of weeks ago. She's off to a new full-time position in London, and we will miss her! Good luck Heather!

HJ Hampson

SHOP LOVE at Hannah Martin

30th Jan 2014

Hannah Martin SHOP LOVE

Following the success of Hannah's SHOP CHRISTMAS, we have refreshed the site for SHOP LOVE.

The header changes colour as you move through the items part of the new shop to other areas of the site.

Online 4 Baby offer 0% Finance

29th Jan 2014

Online 4 Baby offer 0% finance

We have been working with Online4Baby for years and have recently updated their systems so that they can offer 0% finance on qualifying orders. We needed to link into the providers systems and update our backend processes as finance cannot be treated as a payment. We needed to confirm that items had been delivered and then notify the provider.

We now check the couriers websites automatically for confirmation of delivery and then mark our orders as confirmed delivered, and notify the Finance supplier. All this is automated with processes to catch items that were sent but not delivered. Allowing Online4Baby to be pro-active in chasing deliveries for their customers.