Artumi Systems' Frequently Asked Questions

  1. We have 2 full time employees, Richard and Amanda Fletcher, who are married to each other. Mischa Zurke and Simon Parry are called upon to help with certain projects.
  2. We've never been that keen on changing how we do things. Richard and Amanda like the technical work, and aren't so keen on becoming maangers so Artumi Systems has stayed small, and is likely to continue to do so.
    • Symphony (1&2)
    • Drupal
    • Wordpress
    • Zend Framework
    • jQuery
    • Prototype (+ Scrtipaculous)
    • Some experience with YUI
  3. Web applications can talk to each other if designed to. We call this an 'integration'. We have done integrations with:
    • Payment gateways: Protx, PayPal, Barclaycard's ePDQ and Worldpay
    • Addresses, using an interface provided by Allies Computing and the Postcodes Address File provided by Arc en Ciel Ltd
    • Google Maps
    • Google Shopping Search
    • UK Mail & Yodel
    • The DVLA
    • eBay
    • Interspire payment modules
    • Facebook (via facebook connect)
  4. Not really. We specialise on programming. We can create pages that look tidy, but work with professional designers when a page requires a designer's flair. We did however design this site.
  5. We use PHP for the code on the servers, and are expert with Javascript on the client side.
  6. MySQL and PostgreSQL
  7. We would work with one of our long term partners to provide this service, as we have done for Online 4 baby.
  8. Artumi Systems started in June 2006
  9. Indeed it does, though we are happy to work with other CMS systems if they are secure enough.
  10. We code using PHP5, using object orientated programming. We use templates and have a formal structure to our code. We try to code to XHTML1.0 standard when possible. We use subversion as our VCS. We would like to write up more on this subject in the future, for those of you who are interested. Please call us if you would like to find out more.
  11. If you are interested in finding a partner who is responsive to your needs, good at what they do, and around when you need them, then you will want to work with us.
    We have lots of experience with coding and with customers, as our Portfolio and Testimonials should show.
  12. No. Arguably we use a variation on the MVC pattern, it is close, but it's not MVC.
  13. IE7 and above, Firefox 3 and above, Google Chrome and Safari. We don't build for IE5 and haven't for years as it pre-dates Windows XP. IE6 may be supported depending upon the type of user expected of the site and the mixture of functions required of the site. IE6 can't do some of what modern browsers can so occasionally there is a trade off between supporting users of this ancient browser and groovy modern functionality we want to use to make a website stand out.
  14. "Artumi" is the first word I could find which satisfied the following criteria:
    • Starts with an A
    • Can be said fairly easily
    • Can be spelled out quickly
    • Had an available domain name
    • Referred to the "Art" of programming in some obscure way.
    • Didn't mean anything rude in a foreign language.
    As it turns out there is a village with the name, but that only appeared on the internet after the decision had been made.